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High Mast Pole

Buy from us high mast pole in desired height, diameter and thickness. The pole is mounted with several lighting fixtures which illuminate larger areas. The tall pole is mounted with multiple lights. This saves energy cost and maintenance cost.

Swaged Pole

Swaged pole is a street light pole that provides security and safety for motorists and pedestrians. Since the poles are spaced out properly, these can eliminate dark spots. Pedestrians and cyclists alike are protected, as well as the driver.

Octagonal Pole

Octagonal pole made from galvanized iron is offered in 6-12 metre height, 135 mm diameter and 3 mm thickness. The light fixture is mounted on the top of the pole to illuminate areas, like highways and streets.

Transmission Pole

The well, uniformly spaced transmission poles are installed to support power lines. Also called as electric pole or power pole, it is extremely helpful in keeping the electrical wires and cables away from the ground.

Flag Mast

Buy from us white flag mast coated to add aesthetic value and extend its life. Customers can order this pole in any height. When installed, you can be assured of its safety, durability and ability to withstand impact from wind.

Bend Pipe

Bend pipe made from mild steel is like L-shape hollow pipe needed for outdoor lighting installation. Customers can order as many corrosion resistant bend pipes made from extrusion method from us.

Street Light Pole

Street light pole, as the name implies, is installed on streets to mount street lights. These light poles are to be positioned appropriately so these do not cause glare to distract drivers, making them aware of where they are and who they are looking at.